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SafetyBranscum Construction Company, Inc recognizes the importance of a stringent safety program so that we can ensure that each project site is a safe environment for our associates, our clients, the community and the project team. Our safety awareness and performance records for the past 35 years have remained outstanding. We continuously raise the bar to exceed current industry standards in safety. To remain at the forefront, Branscum continues to provide our highly skilled associates with the most up to date safety training programs available.

Branscum Construction believes that a successful safety program is a team effort that requires an attitude of continuous improvement each day. Safety First!

Safety Information

Experience Modification Rate- .87 in 2011, 78 in 2010, .70 in 2009, .77 in 2008, .82 in 2007, .69 in 2006, .72 in 2005, .77 in 2004, .89 in 2003, .92 in 2002.

*Experience Modification Rate is based upon the number of worker's compensation claims that are filed by a particular company, with 1.00 being the base line. Branscum Construction has maintained a better than average EMR for over 13 years.


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